Monday, 28 April 2014

The life cycle...


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  2. Dear drosophila drawer!
    Would it be possible to use the above illustration in my thesis (with appropriate credit to you of course). It seems like a more engaging way to depict the fruit fly life cycle.

    Struggling Thesis Writer

  3. Hello Struggling Thesis writer!!! Of course you can use it!!! thank you for asking!!!! good luck with your thesis!!! cheers!!

    1. Dear Drosophila,
      Could you possibly draw a picture for me? I work with a grad student whose main research is the effect of caffeine on Drosophila. This scholar would love nothing more than to see a picture of Drosophila drinking a big cup of coffee. I don't know if you take requests or not or if you are still at it with the drawing, but I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out!


    2. I hope you like it!, Mr Ray!

  4. Dear Drosophila,
    I like your life cycle drawing very much, great picture. I would like to order somewhere t-shirt or a mug with this drawing for my student that is about to graduate. Do you use it on any web sites that make custom t-shirts etc?

  5. This is a great artwork on life cycle. I want to draw something like this related to the life cycle of healthy and unhealthy people. Please tell me how you made this art? Did you use just paper pencil or any software?

    Mantis Hugo
    Goji Berry Juice